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Blown out orange smokey eye

bright attic workspace (via desiretoinspire / Margrethe Myhrer)

Anonymous asked: How well does the wet 'n wild lipsticks stay on? I'm thinking about getting them if they hold well

The vamp one stays on really well and is really thick with the red one though its a bit thin and looks a but patchy on my lips i like my lipsticks to be thick and even but the vamp it up one is definitely good! :D best dark red lipstick though what I always always wear is Sleek - Vamp x

Anonymous asked: i would kill for your figure anyway, never mind the fact YOU JUST HAD A BABY you go gurl

I’m over weight though for my height! I don’t even feel over weight I just feel a lot bigger thank you so much though this made me cry tears of joy ;D xx

Anonymous asked: you and your family are beautiful! I wish you all the best and I enjoy your blog a bunch!

Thank you so much ! :3 xxx

Luca trying to talk he’s so cute :3

Took a lot to post this been so self conscious after having Luca I went from weighing 9 stone to 15 stone! I’ve lost a few stone since having him 10 weeks ago and trying to eat healthy which I fail at because pizza is so delish,  I have loads of stretchmarks now all up the backs of my legs, thighs, bum, belly and boobs. But I couldn’t be happier, my boy is healthy and perfect ! Hopefully with some exercise and healthy food I can get back to a weight I’m happy with :)
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